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  1. Helping our children is not necessarily a ‘beastly’ burden! (Marcello Sgarbi)

  2. VISUAL AIDS:AL AIDS: Many parents of autistic children have a dream: teaching their children to do up their shoelaces, use the toilet etc., with the ultimate goal of enabling them to be self-reliant, especially in regard to repetitive actions. One of our members demonstrates how this goal can be achieved. (Luciana Bressan)

  3. Angelo, a train driver on the Milan Underground... from Notiziario del GRUPPO ASPERGER ONLUS, No 2, March 2004

  4. Autism and responsibility (Antonio Rotundo)

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  7. WHAT IS TO BE DONE? Ten suggestions for early intervention in bringing up children with developmental disorders. For parents, educators and teachers of small children. (Antonio Rotundo)

  8. In memory of Ivar Lovaas, promoter of the application (Liana Baroni Fortini)

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  10. Parents Group: a voyage - Parents and school: a joint undertaking (M.S.)

  11. The role of parents in autism research: Clara Claiborne Park makes the best contribution to the understanding of autism by a parent. (Luciana Bressan)

  12. Children who must be born twice: some reflections on Autism (Antonio Rotundo)

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  16. 'Politicophobia' and its antidote (Roberto Pietribiasi -  ANGSA Veneto)

  17. HUMAN SURPLUS (Roberto Pietribiasi - ANGSA Veneto)

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  21. TALKING TO A FRIEND: As we await the formation of a new government in Italy, our reflections turn to prayer. We are aware that the roots of Christianity stem from a spirit of inclusion, in contrast to the current trend, which is characterized by self-centredness and the exclusion of those who are different, in the name of our much vaunted ‘zero tolerance’ (Roberto Pietribiasi -  ANGSA Veneto)

  22. Sometimes, the unexpected happens (G.S.)

  23. Reflections on the facilities for autistic individuals in Lombardy: What type of policy can we formulate with a view to realistically resolving the problems of families with autistic children? (Antonio Rotundo)

  24. Christian charity or just handouts?: It’s not ‘what’ you do but ‘how’ you do it. (Marcello Sgarbi)

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  26. RESEARCH OR PLACEBOS? The above method is dictated by an awareness of the history of medicine, which shows us that therapies have been applied for centuries in the conviction that they would be beneficial, then turned out to be useless or even harmful. (Daniela Mariani Cerati)

  27. RANDOM THOUGHTS TO STIMULATE REFLECTIONS FROM CONCERNED PARENTS: We are all now humbly beginning to review, criticize, to compare and contrast, and to show interest in what others are doing. In this way, we shall be able to continuously integrate all new unifying elements. The alternative would be a ongoing state of confusion in which anyone could generate 'hot air' and continue to create false hopes. (Antonio Rotundo)

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  29. The following address was first published in La rosa blu, a disability journal of ANFFAS ONLUS, 15/1, May 2007 Closing address by Giuseppe Anzani at the conferenceWhat will they do when they grow up? What about their future?”, organized by ANFFAS ONLUS COMO and held in Como on 10-11 November 2006.

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